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$300 Per Company

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Financial Analysis for Listed  Companies

A financial study leads to fair value of a listed stock. Study includes analyzing financial ratios depending on last 8 quarters using relative valuation model.

The fair value of such stock doesn’t mean that the stocks will reach their fair value soon, it depends on the other factors surrounded the stocks markets but the fair value study give the traders sense where we are standing now and where we should go.

What we offer hear is a scientific financial study to help traders tacking their decision on fundamental base. That means we are not submitting stock recommendations by any means. Furthermore, traders should be aware of taking their risk management model to deal with the risks associated with stocks markets.



Per Company

التحليـل المالي لسهـم مُـدرج في سـوق الأسهـم


Four (4)  Easy Steps to Order The Service

  1. Decide what stocks you really need to be analyzed.

  2. Fill out the electronic registration form that includes the required listed stock/stocks you need to be analyzed.

  3. Pay the fees using your PayPal account. Also, you can pay using VISA or MasterCard.

  4. Inform us by email at :

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Now, it becomes so easy to invest in stocks markets .. We definitely help you take your decision.. 

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