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Our Services & Products

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We are at Amwalnet works in two main areas serving one objective that is: Helping people building their wealth.


We think the wealth can be built by those three means:

1- Gaining knowledge of trading USA stocks using option contracts techniques.

2- Developing business firms and then listing them throwgh IPO.

3- Developing real estate projects to gain market value.

No one can guarantee getting the wealth, but we can guarantee the shortest and proper way to reach the wealth.. So, we focus our business on working at those two main areas:

(1)   Advisory Services
(2)   Professional Training


Advisory Services

Our advisory services set has designed carefully to fulfill our clients needs, from financial analysis to business development services we strive to create a legacy of wealth building tools..

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Professional Training

We are, at Amwalnet, introducing  professional training courses designed carefully to serve traders who wants to play an influential roll at the stocks markets.

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We are at Amwalnet pursue one objective.. that is How TO BUILD WEALTH..

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