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Course Title:

Financial Analysis..

For Stocks Traders

Since 2016


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Financial Analysis for Stocks Traders

This course designed particularly for traders who trades at the Arab stocks markets, such as Saudi Stocks Market. Our method help traders earn between %25 to %35 on annual basis. No prior requirements needed.


Program Language: Arabic

Program Duration: 24 hours (6 Days, each day 4 hours)

Program Fees: $1699

For more details, please have a look on our unique PDF brochure.

You need to register online at the link located at the right side..

Fill in the form located to the right side to send you the payment details on your email..


6 Easy Steps to Enroll..

  1. Read our brochure and take a look over the details.

  2. Register online through our electronic registration form located to the right.

  3. Request payment detail using the form located at the right corner.

  4. Make a payment.

  5. After finishing the payment and the online registration, send us an email including a copy of your payment.

  6. Our team will send you course materials on your email stated in the registration form.

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